Since it launched in April the Jacknife Jazz at EBGBS has gone from strength to strength. It now moves from a Monday to Sunday night and we're here to tell you what its all about.

Over the summer months of 2016 the Heebies Basement had a complete renovation in an effort to transform it back into the live music venue it became known for back in the 90's and early 00's.

It now has two rooms, the club and the Lone Wolf and its the latter that hosts the Jazz night in its intimate Cavern like surroundings.

While the history of 'Heebies Basement' stems back over twenty years its first incarnation was as a dedicated Jazz Club, named after the famous Louis Armstrong song from the 1920's.

Over the years the venue has hosted some well known events but as time moved on and music evolved the venue fell behind, suffering from damp and general disrepair.

Since its renovation we have tried recreating a similar vibe in the modern era where the history of the venue is protected but brought up to date with a state of the art sound system and decor.

John McCormack, who has been instrumental in bringing jazz back to the people of Liverpool, is a major player in ParrJazz who host a weekly Tuesday night at Frederiks, Hope St.

His vision for the Jazz at EBGBS was to create a platform on which anyone can come along and join in with the band and jam with some of the jazz greats that grace the stage.

The featured special guests are well known in the Jazz scene and John himself features at the back of neon lit stage clutching his beloved double bass.

The music and atmosphere are one thing but you’ve yet another reason to head down to the iconic haunt. The drinks are of a wide variety from cheap lager to high end whiskys and speciality cocktails there really is something for everyone and its free entry too!


The featured special guests are updated over on the EBGBS Facebook page weekly. facebook.com/ebgbsliverpool


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